What benefit will it give me personally?

No more paper payslips to file or misplace!  

Payslips can be viewed 24/7 anywhere, via the internet on PC, Laptop, Tablet and Phone(??)

Electronic Payslips available to view earlier than paper equivalent

Historic payslips are easily accessible - no more calls to payroll to print out lost or missing payslips.

The system will hold 13 months worth of payslips

 You can save or print payslips locally (e.g. at home)

Is it just payslips I will see?

As well as 13 months worth of payslips your P60 (your tax year end statement) will be loaded onto the site and for those of you who receive a P11d (statement of benefits) this too will be loaded. 

Will I see 13 months worth of Payslips and previous P60s/P11ds when I activate the system for the first time?

No. The system will start from your go live date and will be a rolling 13 months for payslips and a rolling 7 years of p60s/P11ds.

How will the payslip layout differ to the paper payslip I get today?

We have specifically chosen to stay with our current payslip print supplier to provide us with the electronic payslip solution so there will be no difference to the layout of your payslip.

How will I know when I can log on?

The log on details, quick guide and activation code will be provided to you on your payslip.  As soon as you get this you should activate your account to view an electronic version of your payslip.

How will I know when my payslip is available for me to view?

Once you have registered on-line an email will be sent to your preferred e-mail address (you can stipulate your work or personal e-mail at set-up) notifying you when the payslip is available for you to view.

When will the paper payslip be switched off for me?

If you are monthly paid the paper payslip will be switched off once you have received your activation code.  For example, if you go live in March you will receive your paper payslip and log on details in March’s payroll run and come April your paper payslip will be switched off.

If you are weekly paid the paper payslip will be switched off a week after you receive your access code.

For example, if you go live on pay date 6th March you will receive your paper payslip on 5th/6th March along with your log on details.  You will also receive one further paper payslip on 12/13th March reiterating the log on details.

What can I do if I have no access at home to view my payslips?

Each site has existing or installed facilities to enable employees’ access to view their payslip online.

What happens if I need to print out my payslip?

If you are unable to view or save your payslips remotely the facilities on site will allow you to print these off.

Can I choose to continue with a printed payslip and electronic access?

No.  We are unable to recognise our cost efficiencies and sustainability objectives if we continue with both solutions. 

Can I save my payslip somewhere or do I always need to access the site?

The system allows you to download and save each payslip as a pdf file. 

What happens to my payslips if I leave Hovis?

The system will remain open after you leave Hovis and you can choose to download the payslips locally or print them out.

Is the system secure?

There are a number of levels of security built into the system.  You will be asked to select and answer some security questions (as you often do for other financial internet transactions) the answers of which you should keep private.  

What happens if I forget my password?

The system allows you to create new password should you forget it.  If you have a number of unsuccessful log-ins you can phone the ISC helpdesk to unlock and reset your password for you.

Can I use my Hovis email address?

No. It is not recommended that you use the Hovis email address for Epayslips.  

These are personal earnings statements to you and your contact details. 

Epayslips are accessible for individuals who have left the company but only if they are using a "personal" email address.